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A Clash Of Kings by George R.R. Martin  Hot PDF Print E-mail
Books Fantasy
Written by Meteornotes   
Thursday, 20 December 2007


Title: A Clash Of Kings

Author: George RR Martin






Book two of The Song Of Ice And Fire series.

Back in 1997, George R.R. Martin released the first volume in multiple book fantasy series with the overall title of A Song Of Ice And Fire. The first book, A Game Of Thrones, was a great read, full of characters plotting against each other in attempts to take over the Kingdom. For fans of the series, the wait has been long, but the second book is finally here. Martin continues to tell a great story, as A Clash Of Kings is another excellent book.

The second book starts right where the first one ends. The kingdom is in an uproar, as various parties vie for the Throne. Robb Stark has declared himself King of the North, in response to the treachery of the Lannister family, who killed his father and have taken the throne for their own. Two of the dead King’s brothers also declare for the throne, and make plans for war. Meanwhile, there are mysterious events happening to the North, where it looks like strange and mysterious forces might be making their way into the civilized lands. And a young woman raises a trio of dragons (the only ones in the world) while plotting her revenge against those who destroyed her family.

Like the last book, Martin manages the various plot threads like a master juggler. He easily slides from one character to another, letting each of their plots join together in a larger tapestry. The book is full of scheming, plotting, betrayal and plenty of action as the various characters vie for control of the kingdom, revenge on each other, or just trying to stay alive for another day. Unlike a lot of fantasy novels, this particular series is character driven, rather than "prophecy" driven. The story springs from the characters’ motivations, rather than from a book or poem written by some madman and passed from generation to generation. This makes the story a lot less predictable and lot more realistic. All the characters in the book comes across as well thought out and they behave and react in a believable manner. Martin is to be credited, as the characters here are some of the most realistic and fully realized that I’ve ever seen in a fantasy novel.

A Clash Of Kings is as just as good, if not better, than the first book in the series. There is plenty of action, and a lot of interesting developments. You might want to re-familiarize yourself with the events of the first book before reading this one, as the story hits the ground running. A "What Happened Before" section at the beginning of the book would probably be a good idea. But that’s my only complaint. This is a great book, building a solid foundation to what may turn out to be the greatest fantasy saga of all time. I recommend it highly for any fantasy fan.


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